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The History of Apply Right

Apply Right was born from the notion that everyone deserves a positive and thoughtful college admissions process with as little stress as possible. After many years of success in helping Campus Bound students, President Gregg Cohen wanted to offer students in any location access to professional college counseling at an affordable price. Families have used Apply Right and Campus Bound services to find the right college match, reduce the cost of college, and relieve stress throughout the entire admissions process.

Who We Help:

In short: EVERYONE. Our staff has worked with all types of students applying to a full range of private and public colleges and universities at the state, regional and national levels. Clients from Massachusetts to California trust our team to help them succeed. We’ve advised students across all levels of admissions selectivity from Ivy League and small liberal arts colleges to major state universities and art/music schools. The team has provided critical help for students and families pursuing athletic opportunities at the collegiate level, as well as specialized institutions that support students with learning disabilities. Our staff has personally assisted in the college search and application process for students interested in diverse academic programs, including liberal arts, engineering, music, theater, nursing, accelerated medical programs, and many more.

Who We Are:

The Apply Right team has unmatched experience helping high school students and their parents navigate the complicated college admissions and financial aid processes. Our team of 35 counselors has a combined 500 years of professional experience in the college counseling space. With diverse backgrounds including college admissions, school counseling, and professional writing, we are uniquely qualified to guide families through the college search and application process.