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For Massachusetts families, high school is an exhilarating and transformative period in your child’s life. Students return to class each autumn to sharpen their minds, participate in clubs, and connect with friends. Increased workloads coupled with involvements like sports, cheerleading, and drama, as well as events like homecoming, semi-formal, and prom leave many parents and students with little time to plan for the next chapter in their scholastic career. Fortunately, our local Massachusetts-based college counselors are available to help your family navigate through this critical process. At Apply Right, we help families by pinpointing college selection criteria, identifying colleges that can help you achieve your goals, assisting as you create a desirable application, and consulting on college essays, along with general help to complete the admissions process in a timely and deliberate manner.

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Having selective Massachusetts colleges like MIT, Harvard, Boston College and Northeastern right in our backyard can make the process even more intimidating. Whether you are interested in selectivity, scholarships, study abroad, or volunteer opportunities, a full spectrum of continuing education opportunities are available in state, out of state, and internationally. Apply Right staffs a top team of local Massachusetts college counselors to help parents and students identify what criteria is essential, desirable, and most important in the college application process. From these criteria, staff members help you develop a list of schools that are potential fits. Of course, other factors like financial incentives and location are to be considered, whether applying to schools that are close enough for your mother to do your laundry or so remote that you use Facetime on holidays to catch up.

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We Provide Structure and Accommodate Your Busy Schedule

We know that the schedules of Massachusetts families with children in high school are already bursting at the seams. Moms and dads from Cape Cod to Springfield are rescheduling appointments, taking time off from work, and putting more miles on their cars than an Uber driver to get their kids to sporting events, tutoring sessions, music lessons, and more. Our Massachusetts college counselors utilize the modern convenience of video consultation to remotely fit into even the tightest calendars. During sophomore year, when you and your student are beginning to consider the post-high-school journey, an Apply Right counselor will converse with you every other month. One year later, during junior year, you will communicate with your counselor via video once a month. Finally, as senior year begins and application deadlines loom, you will be in contact with your advisor bi-weekly until all of your applications are submitted. By gradually increasing the frequency of consultations, we prepare families throughout Massachusetts for the road ahead as well as provide increasing support as deadlines approach.

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"I would have been lost without Apply Right. The easy-to-use technology and personalized support from my counselor provided me with all the information I needed to make my college search and application process go smoothly. I am so excited to be attending UCONN in the fall!"

Brian W.
University of Connecticut

"Apply Right was AMAZING!!!! They made the process less stressful, kept me on track, answered my questions, and helped so much with my essay and supplements!"

Kelly S.
Auburn University

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Sitting down with a professional in person or online is great – but it’s only a start. Apply Right offers a full range of services that are included in all packages. We will help your student develop a list of colleges tailored to his or her goals and interests. Text and email reminders are employed to keep everyone on track with admissions tasks and deadlines. We also help out with brainstorming and editing your college essays. You will gain access to our treasure-trove of online tools. Apply Right provides Massachusetts students and families with the support of top Massachusetts college counselors to choose and apply to the college that is truly right for them. Contact us to get started today. Call us for a free no-obligation consultation today at 1-888-843-5560 or send an email through our contact page.